Mane Squeeze Hair Designers
4419 Gary Ave Fairfield, AL 35064


Mane Squeeze Hair Designers has operated in Fairfield, Alabama since 2008. We have treated every customer like they were a part of our family and every client is a part of our business. Other salons may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. Our primary focus is caring for your hair. All of our stylists are licensed by the Alabama State Board of Cosmetology.
Ms. Lydia
Lydia is a Master Cosmetologist and the owner of Mane Squeeze. She has 17 years of experience, received formal training at Southeastern School of Cosmetology, and University of Alabama at Birmingham. Contact Lydia directly at 205-305-9715
There are currently two booth rental positions available for licensed professionals and one apprenticeship position available.
Mrs. Pat
Pat is a Certified Managing Cosmetologist. She has 17 years of experience and received formal training at Lawson State Community College, School of Cosmetology. Her goal is to make each client feel truly unique and uplifted. She prides herself on being a friendly, enthusiastic, and creative hairstylist focusing on each client with exceptional service and dedicated work ethic. Contact Pat directly at 205-335-7960.